WOW!!! TROOP 464 WOW!!!
What a Great Opportunity

The 6th Annual Lunar New Years
Parade and Festival

February 18, 2007 – 9AM* - 5PM* - In Downtown Pasadena

Troop 464 has been invited by KSCI-TV, the sponsoring coordinator, to be the official volunteer organization to participate in this year’s parade and festival that will draw performers, celebrities and participants from Japan, Korea, The Philippine Islands, China, and other Pacific Rim countries.
This is the fifth year that
Troop 464 has been awarded this honor.
We are proud to take part in this year’s celebration that is expected to draw thousands
of people to watch and participate as in the past.

Because of the enormous amount of participants, including political and entertainment dignitaries from around the world and the USA, there will be law enforcement agencies and private security firms in the area for protection and safety.

Scouts will primarily be used as banner carriers but in the past they have been used as:

Helping around the back stage area
Runners and escorts
Blowing up and handing out balloons and other Lunar Day souvenirs

§ Scouts are expected to wear Troop 464 Class A uniforms, including scarves

for the entire time they are participating. (Scout Shorts (with Scout Sox) are optional.)

§ Troop 464 will leave from Jo Ann's parking lot at 8:30AM* and return at 6PM* to the park.

*We would love to have families and friends join us - So, if you wish to drive yourselves, FREE parking passes will be supplied and you can leave when your Scouts have finished their tasks. If you stay, the Scouts can stay in or change out of their uniforms.

§ There is no cost to participants and all drivers will receive parking passes.

(Boys will have to pay for their own food, drinks, souvenirs, games and amusement rides)

§ "Big Name" celebrities from many different countries will perform on stage after the parade.

§ *If Troop 464 Scouts have their own transportation, they can leave or stay with

family and friends to see the entire venue and the area’s great shops and restaurants.

The parade and festivities will be shown on KSCI-TV Channel 18 on a future
date. The celebration may also be shown in many Pacific Rim Countries.

Each Troop 464 Scout who participates will receive service hours that can be used for advancement to a new rank.
KSCI-TV has indicated that each
Troop 464 Scout and adult participant will receive an official souvenir pack.
Don’t be a non-participant!

Troop 464 is relying on all of our Scouts to take part in this enormous event.
As in the past the Scouts should really enjoy being in the parade which is only about a mile walk.
Later, the Scouts can visit the game booths, rides and other locations like a county fair.
The acts include up-beat music from the hit charts of the participating countries plus cultural, traditional and folk numbers that will be of interest.