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(C) Venturing Crew 369, Spinning Venturing V
Crew 464

Pack 721


Woodland Hills

Meetings 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Wednesday nights
Pinecrest Woodland Hills
Visitors always welcome!


Important Dates & Announcements:

Troop Fundraisers:

Sell those chocolates!
Popcorn will be here before you know it!


Merit Badge counselors - it's time to renew
complete new paperwork and turn in to Karen asap please

Miss the meeting and need to sign up for an outing or event?
Email the Troop Scribe

Other Events:

Venture Crew!
The next Crew meeting is 3/8 @ 5pm @ Christian's house
Photo Scavenger Hunt Time!

Summer Camp - it's almost here!
Camp Geronimo in Arizona 6/12-6/20/15
Have you made your latest payment?

5/22/15 Updates




Bring your Scout handbook and rope to
EVERY meeting & campout!
This is part of your uniform!!!

Knot of the Month - Two Half Hitches

5/20 7:00-8:30 Troop Meeting
Bring a Class B for the Personal Fitness merit badge (worksheets)
Remember this is an Eagle badge! Don't wait-work on it now
Summer Camp prep continues
Music MB continues (worksheets)

5/23 Flags on Graves
meet 6:30 at Joann's parking lot

5/23 After Flags party at the Kelly's
Swimming MB begins (worksheets)

5/27 7:00-8:30 Troop Meeting

Las Colinas Leader of the Year nominations
complete and turn in to Robin Johnson @




Picture of the Week


Jack qualifying for his Shotgun MB

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